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Click to Download a PowerPoint presentation of how to use iPM

About iPM

After 2 years of development IA Technical are pleased to offer this new Pattern Generation software from Japan.

It is available as a Student Version and a Premium Version for Business.

iPM (Illustrator Pattern Making System) is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in designed to assist in the creation of patterns.

The main benefit of this plug-in is that it is a simpler version of  older expensive software packages that aid with building/adapting patterns and grading digitally.

The plug-in is specifically useful for students and small business as it is easy to use and costs much less than the other systems available currently.

The iPM manual has been written specifically for the Intimates industry and 2 day training courses are available if required.

IA Technical is offering a Diploma in Advanced CAD Pattern Grading for Intimates.

The course has 3 categories:

1.    Core Bra and Brief Grading

2.    Plus Fit Bra and Brief Grading

3.    Swim and Active wear Grading

Each category has a 3 part distance learning course.


Students wishing to join the Grading certificate course must have access to Adobe illustrator and will be given a 3 year iPM student licence for use on a Mac or PC.

Fee Structure

Anyone who wishes to take the Diploma with Certificate will receive the student version of iPM at a cost of £395 and a course fee of £250 (Total £645.00).


The 3 year stand-alone Student licence is available subject to proof of current undergraduate or post graduate study (£395).


IPM is available to business users on a one off payment of £1295.00. This is a permanent licence with free upgrades when Adobe releases new versions of illustrator.

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