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 Distance Learning (The Package)                

We now offer distance learning courses which are  based on an extended version of the two day courses that I.A Technical delivers from the IA Technical Studio in Leicester. There are five individual courses.

Core Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading 

Core bra sizes are generally identified as Band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes A-D.

Before the pattern drafting of core bras this course is an opportunity to consider the basic engineering that is required to make core bras fit and the anatomy of their wearer.

We all spend a great deal of time looking at different bra styles but how do we value them?

Most bras are displayed, either by

photograph or on hangers and probably the first thoughts are ‘hanger appeal’

Good quality bras are not ‘light’ they should have a ‘hand finish’. They should also have a super smooth and tactile handle.

The first examinations of a £10 bra and a £25 bra the differences aren’t immediately obvious. 

The key Issues this course considers are:

Fabric choice


Wires if used


Pattern Cutting


Size Grading




Swimwear & Activewear Pattern Cutting & Grading

“Intimate apparel has to fit discreetly but swimwear will display the body at its most vulnerable, to the whole world”

The customer shopping for swimwear is at their most critical, it could be a key purchase for a holiday they have anticipated for a year.

To successfully enter this product area it is very important to establish exactly who your customer will be.

This Distance Learning Program will consider all aspects of Swim product development.

It will involve one-piece swimsuits tankini's, shorts, beachwear and bikinis.

Molded cups, bonded seams and specialist sports such as Triathlon will also be covered.

Step by step pattern-cutting methods for all featured styles will be explained.

Different methods of grading core and plus fit garments will be applied to style patterns. 

Men's swimwear will also be included.

Construction methods, fabrics and components will also be explained.


Sports Bra & Activewear Pattern Cutting & Grading 

The scientific development of sports bras has yet to prove very successful and female athletes are not satisfied with the performance of the current range of these garments.

A recent survey of female sports bra wearers identified that 30% reported some sort of breast discomfort during sporting activities and few of the responders were happy with their bras. Many reported abrasion, slippage and points of discomfort due to pressure.

A sports bra must meet the following criteria:

Provide good breast shape, comfort and modesty when worn for a sporting purpose.

Limit the motion of the breast relative to the body.

Be made of material that wicks away moisture, non allergenic, non-abrasive and supportive.

Have adjusters that prevent abrasion and pressure points.

Offer a level of protection to the breast.

Give the wearer a feeling of security that will promote higher levels of sporting achievement.

Can be used as a ‘worn to be seen, outerwear garment’.


This short course will examine the product development of a sports bra from a technical approach and include fabric and component specifications, pattern drafting 3 styles and the size grading systems applied to core and plus fit sports bras.



As these are Distance Learning Courses in your own time and space its understandable that at times you may need help or advice, a closed Facebook group is available where you will be able to communicate and ask questions with all other students that are also on the course and in the group. Skype sessions will be made available at certain times and days of the week where you will be able to communicate and share any problems in real time with Dave, otherwise you can also get in contact with Dave by Email.

Bodies & Briefs Pattern Cutting & Grading

Just as a great fitting pair of jeans needs skilled pattern cutting so do Bodies and Briefs.

This course develops all the technical skills required to satisfy this demanding market.


Bodyshape Issues for Bodies and briefs.

Introduction to Fabrics & elastics.


Drafting methods for the 5 core Brief styles.

Rigid fabric issues for brief patterns.


Sewing construction methods for briefs,


Solving fit issues and Grading methods for briefs.


Drafting the Body block pattern has versions for: 







Pantie Corselette



It covers Sewing Construction and Grading, Sample Costing & Layplanning



Plus Fit Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading

This Distance Learning course focuses on drafting bras for plus - fit sized women.

Band sizes 28 - 42 , cup sizes DD - G

Despite 25 years of commercial activity in this size market the industry have little reliable data or technique to offer to direct their technicians.

There is not a book of rules for any bra draft or grade and every experienced designer has their

own process The best of the brands that trade in this size know that a successful fit brings a loyal customer who will pay a premium price for technically designed comfortable bra.

The saying that you ‘cannot be everything to everybody’ is the key understanding to this plus fit market.

32DD and a 34GG, both considered plus fit sizes but a massive difference in their engineering. It is soon obvious to any technician that most recognised ‘tailored’ fit bra brands have quite different core pattern shapes.

Establish a bra brand that you feel will represent the fit / shape / style you admire and become technically very aware of its characteristics.

There is not one recognised ‘successful’ way to grade plus fit patterns.

The grading increments can be varied to achieve different support and shape outcomes.


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